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Reflections on the New Cohort of Teacher Policy Fellows

Sometimes the Facebook feature “On This Day” just reminds me of how much free time I had before I became an educator and a mother. Today, it showed me that 5 years ago this week, GO Oakland put out the very first all-call for applicants to the inaugural cohort of our Teacher Policy Fellowship. At the time, I was a full-time Special Education teacher, just beginning to pop my head out of the classroom to try to understand how the whole system of public education works.

Coron Brinson

Why public education?
I am product of Dublin (GA) City Public Schools and also attended a state public university in Georgia. A quality public education… Read More

Career Pathways Are Key to Keeping, Retaining Teachers

By Jessica Tyson
A few weeks ago in the copy room I found another teacher’s original, mistakenly left behind on the copier. Snooping a little… Read More

Johanna Rudnick

Johanna teaches at RISE Community School and New Highland Academy and is in her fourth year. She has worked with children and teens with special… Read More

Alanna Baumert

Alanna is in her fifth year teaching and teaches ninth and 10th grade humanities at Lighthouse Community Charter School. She is also working on her … Read More

Ben Nussbaum

Ben is a sixth grade humanities teacher at Greenleaf and is in his sixth year. He worked in politics in his home state of Oregon… Read More

Hannah Lukanuski

Hannah is in her second year teaching at Garfield Elementary School. She is also in her second year as a Teach for America corps member… Read More

Tara Kaur Singh

Tara is a second and third grade teacher at Learning Without Limits in Oakland’s Fruitvale district. She started as a reading specialist but realized she… Read More

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