Why I GO
"Teachers' voices are often left out of policy. It is my responsibility to my students to advocate for them in and out of the classroom. Together, with policy makers and families, I believe we can make real changes in our Oakland public education system, which will better serve our children."
Tara Kaur Singh

Tara Kaur Singh

Teacher Policy Fellow

Tara is a second and third grade teacher at Learning Without Limits in Oakland’s Fruitvale district. She started as a reading specialist but realized she wanted to have a bigger impact and received her Master’s in Elementary Education. Tara taught fourth grade in Harlem, N.Y. for a year before coming home to the Bay Area.

Why public education?

I grew up going to public schools and I saw the inequities that existed in education and that lit a fire under me. That experience drives my desire to teach, and the ways in which I build relationships with students.

Why Oakland?

I was born in Oakland and grew up in Berkeley. I love Oakland because of its diversity — in people, in opinions, in landscapes, and in architecture. I came to Oakland after living away from the Bay Area for a decade, knowing that it was where I wanted to stay.

What are your vices?

Reality television is my greatest vice. If it’s about a housewife, I’ll watch it. Preferably in marathon form.

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