Teacher Policy Fellowship

GO's fellowship is an opportunity for a small, diverse cohort of Oakland teachers to lead, learn, and think about the future of education in our city.

“I’ve been connected to more thought leaders, activists, and policy mavens. Personal growth is exactly what we are striving to bring to the teaching profession in Oakland through our advocacy of hybrid teaching models and career paths, so yes, in developing these ideas, we are naturally rethinking our future roles within teaching.”

–Francisco Nieto, 2013 cohort member

Our Teacher Policy Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for a small cohort of Oakland teachers to Learn, Think, and Lead about the future of education. We believe that students will be better served if teachers have opportunities to influence education policy at the local level.

The Teacher Policy Fellowship began in 2013 with a team of 14 diverse public school teachers that gathered twice a month to develop their leadership skills and understanding of issues directly affecting teachers and students. It is a year-long opportunity for a teachers to learn, think, and lead about the future of education.

The Fellowship seeks to develop teacher leaders who want to:

  • Learn: Fellows build their policy chops with readings, research meetings, and discussions on issues with local, statewide, and national experts
  • Listen:  Listen to peers and community members while also meeting with policy and organizing experts
  • Think: Meet with a diverse group of Oakland educators to discuss challenging policy issues; develop strategies that will make a difference
  • Act: Contribute to district and Oakland education policy; inform and support their peers to engage in policy; and improve conditions for student and teacher success

To meet the current cohort of fellows, please click here.

Also, check out this video of the fellows as they reflect on their experience.


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Since September 2017, the 5th Cohort of Teacher Policy Fellows have engaged in learning about education policy making in Oakland and the foundation and vision of two GO campaigns, Budgeting for Impact and 1Oakland. They are now taking action as leaders in these campaigns.

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