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Stay or go? Oakland families face difficult decisions in the wake of the pandemic. / ¿Quedarse o irse? Las familias de Oakland enfrentan decisiones difíciles a raíz de la pandemia.

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This story appears as part of our Numbers and Narratives: A Year In Review series.

Like many Oakland parents and caregivers, Brittany Walker Pettigrew … Read More

Where are our students? Life Academy intervention team combats chronic absenteeism

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As part of our Numbers & Narratives: Year in Review series, we’ll be releasing new data reports and… Read More

¿Dónde están nuestros estudiantes? El equipo de intervención de Life Academy combate el absentismo crónico

Como parte de nuestra serie Números y Narrativas: Revisión del Año, publicaremos nuevos informes de datos e historias para comprender mejor el costo de la… Read More

In-person learning: Where do OUSD and the teachers’ union agree? / Aprendizaje en persona: ¿Dónde están de acuerdo OUSD y el sindicato de maestros?

While families and teachers feel very differently about their readiness to return back to in-person instruction, we can all agree that students are suffering academically,… Read More

Choosing a quality school during the pandemic

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Enrollment season has arrived. Every year, parents make difficult decisions about where to send their kid to school. This year, amidst the pandemic, that… Read More

OUSD has named 6 priorities. What do you think?

OUSD has begun the process to develop its new strategic plan – naming their priorities for the next three years. This is an important document… Read More

You can help expand internet access to every student in Oakland

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It’s inspiring to see innovative teachers respond to this crisis, using technology to make sure learning doesn’t stop while schools are… Read More

To fix the budget crisis, Oakland needs collaboration instead of conspiracy theories

If you’ve been following news about Oakland schools, you know that we’re facing a financial crisis. The district is considering, once again, how to make… Read More

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